How to plan your trip to Andaman?

Andaman is a famous island located in the Indian Ocean in the Bay of Bengal. This island’s claim to fame lies in its wonderful rainforests, mangroves and white sand beaches, which attracts a very large number of tourists every year, also likely due to the reasonable travel costs.

So, if you want to experience true natural beauty including the tropical woodlands, undulating mountains, shimmering shorelines and antiquated tribes that characterize the archipelago of 500 islands it is part of, then Andaman is your best bet.

Make the Most of Your Andaman Visit by Planning Ahead

1. Make a list in detail of what you want to visit on Andaman;

2. Decide what you would like to do on Andaman;

3. Establish how long you will be staying on the island;

4. Plan according to your budget, which should be obvious.

Travel Cost for Andaman Island

Considering that it is a little slice of heaven, you might be worried that the travel cost of staying on Andaman Island will be more than you can handle. The fact is that it is affordable. Very affordable.

To get the best prices, you should consider traveling with a group of 10 people or more. Regardless of where you’re staying, you’ll get a decent discount and once that’s spread out across the entire group, you will find your savings are substantial, which gives you more leeway in terms of length of stay and what you can do while on the island.

In some cases, you can get discounts up to 40 percent. A group of 4 to 6 people can also get relatively good discounts – sometimes even as high as 40 percent – but you will have to do a bit more digging and negotiating to get the best possible rates, especially when it comes to accommodation.

While there are plenty of andaman tour package options available, the cost of your trip will boil down to where you want to stay, how long you plan to stay and what you want to visit. Definitely speak to a travel agent to find the best deals, but you can expect to pay around 5,000 Rupees per person for a 3-night stay on Andaman Island.


If you plan on staying in a higher-end hotel, then expect to pay anywhere between 9,000 and 50,000 Rupees per person. As always, the price depends on what you want to do while on Andaman Island and where you want to stay. If you decide on a budget hotel, then you will pay less.

Also be sure to ask for a  tour package to andaman nicobar from chennai if you are a newly-wed couple for best rates.A honeymoon package will cover a lot of romantic destinations which the normal package will not cover.

What to Consider When Choosing a Package from a Travel Agency?

1. You should make sure that the brand is good and has excellent reviews.

2. Make sure the package includes all the sights you want to visit and if not, then speak to the travel agent to modify the package according to your needs.

3. Ensure the travel agent is willing to make the changes you want. If they aren’t, look for another travel agent because there are plenty of them around.

4.Be sure to include Baratang island and limestone caves.

Besides its natural beauty, Andaman Island also offers tourists plenty of things to do. For example, the beauty of the surrounding ocean is unparalleled, which makes it ideal for scuba diving. In fact, Andaman has some of the best diving locations in all of India.

So, if you want to discover how beautiful nature can truly be, both on land and in the ocean, then Andaman is definitely the island you should be visiting as soon as possible. Just take your time to do a little shopping around first to find the best travel package for your needs so you can make the most of your trip.